Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More on the Job Search...

Today I had my second interview for the Coordinator of Alumni Relations position at WMU.  I was interviewed by approximately 8 people from the office (all of which I know from my time interning here).  They asked some challenging questions.  Challenging in a good way though.  Some of the questions I have been asked before.  Some were:

-What will you teach us?
-What do you believe the WMU student perspective of WMU is?
-How could you change the attitude of an alum who did NOT have a good WMU experience?
-How can we touch a broader audience?

I feel good about.  I know they are interviewing other people on Friday, so I am hoping to hear sometime next week.

On another note, WMU also posted a Residence Hall Director position that I applied for today.


This made me laugh.

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