Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Job Updates

I am still waiting to hear about the Coordinator of Alumni Relations position.  My boss is out of town this week, so I doubt I will hear anything until next week.

BUUUUT, I have heard from TWO of the jobs I recently applied for.  First, I was called for an on-campus interview from Western Michigan University for a hall director position.  Last year, I was a graduate assistant hall director, so I know how this department works, and the benefits package for this position is great. $34,000/year plus a furnished 2 bedroom apartment, free utilities including cable, reserved parking space, and a meal plan.  The downside is being on call 24-hours a day basically.

The other position is a Strengths Coach at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.  This position is in the Student Success center and works with student leadership and career assessment by employing StrengthsQuest, a leadership assessment.  I love strengths psychology and I know I would love the work being done in this department.  I am interviewing TODAY at 11am (just over an hour from now!).  The downside, it is only 29 hours/week, so I would be working part-time.

We'll see how things turn out, and I'll keep updating!


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