Monday, August 17, 2015

Staying on Track While Camping

This weekend, Robin & I went camping with some friends.  Since we're smack in the middle of our second 21 Day Fix plan, we didn't want to throw everything away over the weekend.  We struck the best balance we could.

We have found that the more prepared we are when going into situations like this, the better.  If I just hope to make smart choices, it will never work out.

First, for the workouts.  We did our Friday workout and missed Saturday, but we went on a long hike and played disc golf on Saturday.  It helped to feel good knowing that we were choosing healthy activities and not just sitting around and eating all weekend.

For food, we portioned and planned ahead of time.  For Friday, we packed snacks for the car including strawberries, cottage cheese, and string cheese, and brought chicken sausages to grill when we arrived.  On Saturday, we had an egg, sausage, and veggie scramble for breakfast and our shakes for a snack some cold brew coffee I brought.  For snacks, we packed fruit, cottage cheese, sliced peppers, and baby carrots.  Lunch was a sandwich with chicken deli slices and guacamole.  Dinner was chicken sausages again.  We did have some beer throughout the weekend, but we made smart choices and brought Miller 64 instead of heavy micro brews.

On Sunday, we had the same breakfast and stopped and bought some iced coffee to mix with our shakes.  We had Panera Bread for lunch, cottage cheese for a snack, and ate dinner when we arrived back at home.

Overall, we had a great weekend, and today began doubles workouts week, so the "break" was nice.  Today was Total Body Cardio + Pilates Fix.  I'm wiped out!

Oh yeah - one more thing.  I wore a bikini this weekend!

Have a great week!

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